MTV Hits

MTV Australia is the Australian version of MTV (Music Television). Like its mother channel, it specializes in music and youth culture programming. One project by MTV Australia is MTV Hits, a music channel that plays music videos 24 hours a day and is focused on viewer interaction, allowing them to interact with the channel via web and mobile. In accordance with the MTV Hits brand, the main guideline was the use of the color pink, which created a vibrant and coherent direction throughout the video. To accentuate the music, action, playfulness and color pink, we kept all other elements in the video very still and white.

Behind The Scenes Video

Client : MTV Hits
Director : Julien Vallee
DP : Simon Duhamel @ Consulat

All Credits
Director: Julien Vallee
Concept: Julien Vallee, Jean-Constant Guigue & Eve Duhamel
D.P.: Simon Duhamel
Sound (Official video): Uncanny Valley
Sound (Making-of video) : Loic Ouaret
Color grading: Guillaume Marin


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